About Adisa

All Adisa merchants and artisans have faced or are facing a certain problem in their life that they are trying to solve by making and selling unique artisan products. At Adisa we are trying to solve a lot of societal problems faced in Africa by providing a wider market for struggling Artisans all over Africa.
Adisa is an online shopping platform that features products produced by small businesses in African countries. We aim to bridge the technological gap that exists for small, community based merchants in African countries. Adisa provides the necessary technological tools and general mentorship in marketing and business practice to better enable merchants with the opportunity to grow their customer base.
Our team comprises of Software Engineers, Designers, Adisa Agents and Mentors dedicated to changing the lives of African Artisans. The entire team is passionate about what they are doing and are fully aware of the potential Adisa has of redefining e-cormmerce for developing countries. Our three cofounders met at Carleton College, where the idea for Adisa was first discussed.