Meet The Artisans!



10 Years jewelry making

Works 2-3 days to make $1.24

“I have been struggling to pay for my parents’ medical bills for the past year. I have had to make some hard decisions just because making jewelry was not providing sufficient income. Making jewelry allows me to express my unique talent which has been passed from generation to generation in my family.If only I could sale these abroad it would change my life”


20 years weaving

Works 2-3 days to make $1,84

“My weaving is well known and something that is sought out. There are many who say that a handicap woman can’t do this work. It’s especially hard on women. They say we can’t do this work, that we aren’t skilled enough. But I can. I can do any work that comes my way.”



16 Years sculpting

Works 3-4 days to make $3

“Every one of my sculptures has a unique historical story hidden in it. I feel terrible that I have not been able to share these unique stories with the rest of the world. Furthermore I have no access to bigger markets which means I cannot support my family while doing the one job I love and enjoy.”

More artisans coming soon